Arm Triangle Escapes

- Not sure about this one...

- This is more practical that the 1 above.

- I like this one...

- With a sub...

This is one of my favorite subs. Once I was at a NAGA tournament in Atlanta and I saw Roberto Traven use this to beat many of his opponents. I have been trying to do it ever since.

Lately though, people have been trying to do it to me. So maybe I will try one of these next time :)


Arm Triangle

Tbone knows that this is a favorite of mine, and, while I'm still working on the finer points, I have some reservations regarding these escape techniques. A bastardized side version of the rear-naked seems to predominate, as opposed to (what I find to be) the more effective shoulder-to-wrist. I think that the second vid might work, while the last seems to depend on early detection.

T, you and me tomorrow. Let's see what works.


I will be there with bells on.

once it is locked in...

The guy on the bottom should visit :) I usually let my lock go if the tap is not immediate. I recently started holding it longer and experimenting with my weight distribution. Maybe I should just hold on regardless to see what would happen.