Having An Active Guard Means Nothing In MMA

Some people like playing guard because they are comfortable with the arsenal of submissions they have amassed there. If a person is actively shooting subs from the bottom and the person on top is defending, can you honestly say the person on the bottom is losing?

This is what bothers me so bad with takedown scoring. If you take a person down and land in their guard, I do not think that takedown should count. In grappling tournaments, people jump guard ON PURPOSE many times because it gives them an advantage.

I know, I know, grappling is not fighting. There have been some pretty one sided victories via GnP. But if strikes from the top can be neutralized and inflict little to no damage AND the person on bottom actively pursues a sub, judging criteria should change.

Educate the judges someone. I hate to sound like a broken record.



T, it's my understanding that you generally have to pass the hips before you can score a takedown.

Kim vs. Diaz

Hi Arc,

That might be true in grappling tournaments, but MMA judges don't seem to think that. Maybe MMA judges need judge grappling tournaments before they even get job. There has to be a way to fix this. Its all perception.