The above video has lots of bad language. It also shows some pretty brutal footage. When the fight hits the ground, biting occurs. If what we are doing leads up to a fight and you decide to bite me, just kill me, because I will make sure you will be permanently maimed. Earlier I mentioned how jits could work in a street fight. I am not too sure about that. Biting and groin attacks are very easy use on grapplers.


Fish hooking

another evil technique that I would not have seen coming if I did not see a Felony Fight video on youtube.

if you notice, while on

if you notice, while on bottom, he locked homeboy down as opposed to trying to create space. this not only amplified his opponent's weight, but also allowed for easy access to eye gouging (if thats even spelled right), ear grabbing, and obviousely facial biting. not to say that he may not have sustained bites elsewhere on his body had he tried to create space, but he would have had more options in how he addressed it and probably would have had a better outcome. just saying, a little basics wouldn't have hurt the guy on bottom. this was in response to the first video.

Wassup Danger, Yes, those

Wassup Danger,

Yes, those guys are not trained. They guy who won on the second vid has done something before though. I posted them just to heighten awareness I guess. That biting stuff is so foreign to me. If someone tries that fish hooking mess, I may try some teeth techniques myself.

Don't be a stranger Danger.