The Hatred of Eddie Bravo

The Hatred of Eddie Bravo

Eddie is a very polarizing character.

Metamoris took place weeks ago and his name is still being mentioned on mats everywhere. He did put on a spectacular performance in my opinion. His detractors have mixed opinions.

Some say that Royler was on top most of the match, thus Royler was dominating. Of course I think this is silly. Eddie jumped directly into his favorite position immediately - that being half guard bottom. Royler was in Eddie's world the entire time. This makes this opinion seem not based on reality to me. But who am I?

Some of his detractors grudgingly give Eddie it pains them to their soul to do so. This is what I want to reflect on.

Eddie dominated - PERIOD. Royler stayed in Eddie's world the entire time which makes it seem as though Royler did not take the match seriously. I said that Eddie seemed to want it more just from watching the previews. This was a mistake on Royler's part.

The main thing that people want to ding Eddie on is the wacky tobacky thing... Why? He smokes weed. I am willing to bet that there are many celebrated/decorated BJJ practitioners that inhale earth smoke themselves...I am even willing to bet there are GRACIES that casually partake. What does this have to do with his skills on the mat?

"Eddie makes kids think it is ok to smoke weed"

I don't smoke weed. Not interested at all. I personally know guys who run 10th Planet gyms that share my stance on the plant. All of the rubber guards and electric chairs and zombies in the world will not convince me to put smoke in my lungs. I said all of that to say if the kid listens to Eddie and decides to smoke weed, that kid was probably gonna smoke weed anyway. Kids are smoking weed in staggering numbers these days. I am sure Eddie has little impact on those numbers.

"Eddie got his black belt in a gi and he teaches that the gi is not necessary"
"If you train no gi only, why are there no 10th Planeteers winning No Gi Worlds or ADCC"

I actually kinda agree with both of these statements with caveats of course. Eddie is trying to take BJJ on an evolutionary path. He is trying things not taught in traditional schools and I have no beef with that. I actually like that. I remember when I was rolling with a guy that caught me in the Truck over and over again. I never trained Truck entries. As frustrating as it was, I became aware of the position. This is a good thing. No gi required... I actually like the electric chair. I try to catch it as much as I can.

The gi does teach good fundamentals. It teaches good posture and you become OCD with neck protection. At the same time, if you are on the street and your go to move is the bow and arrow, you may be in for a bad day. Eddie's schools are not represented in the ADCC - YET! I promise there is someone in a 10th planet gym feeding off of the animosity Eddie garners during their eight thousandth lockdown pass drilling session.

It's all Jiu Jitsu. If an Eddie technique doesn't work, prove it on the mat. The hatred does seem to be out of hand.


Oh Boy...

"I did what every man should do when he has an issue with a person, talk face to face. I don't approve what he represents, you see it's nothing to do with the match with Royler, it's nothing to do with what with his jiu jitsu. It's what he endorses, I don't approve it. It's disrespectful toward the art of what my father created. We teach kids, so I don't endorse alcohol and I don't endorse drugs." that a word?