Performance Enhancers @ Tournaments

I have a nagging suspicion that some of the people I have seen at some tournaments may be on something. Tournaments are suppose to be fun and there is no money to be made (most of the time). The will to win probably drives people to abuse their bodies like that. It also deters me from attending. All I need in my life is a roided up person heel hooking me to the point of limping for the next several weeks.

No one will implement testing at tournaments because it costs too much money. I don't think anything can be done to avoid the PED people.



Brock and HGH

"Lesnar grew up on a farm in South Dakota, and later joined the National Guard at the age of seventeen. In January 2001, Lesnar was arrested for receiving large amounts of what was alleged to be steroids. The charges were later dropped when it was discovered the substances were in fact a growth hormone. His lawyer later described the growth hormone as a "vitamin type of thing.""