Hughes vs Almeida Revisit

Last night during class, we did not roll. We worked on the details of this choke and the D'Arce. 4 of us were trying to choke or were being choked to get an idea of what we were doing wrong using these techniques.

Of course, I was the easiest to choke. The same person put that front headlock choke on 3 people and I was the only person that had to tap or pass out. Are my veins too big or too close to my skin? This is probably why I protect my neck like Wu Tang when I roll because subconsciously I know that I am easy to choke.

We all learned that pressure chokes are not as good as blood chokes. And we learned that it is so very important to shoot that shoulder down deep when going for the D'arce.

Matt, if you are reading this, I promise we will roll the entire time if you come in Saturday. Also, be ready to do 100 armbar drills.


elbow in!

Thanks for posting that vid. I see some things we can work on. I'm confident that we can make it work.

In don't know if I'll be staying to roll Saturday. Homework and papers and all that. If I do, I'll make sure we both do a hundred.