Reality Check

James Toney is a comedian. He is also a good boxer. I hate that he has a snowball's chance in hell to win this weekend. Couture is going to take him down and probably submit him.

The whole concept of fighting has changed. When I was a child, "fights" were just a bad example of boxing. Sure there were occasional headlocks and slams. I bet schoolyard fights these days have bad versions of armbars and triangles sprinkled into the action.

James Toney is from that stand up era.

Couture is a seasoned wrestler. He will wait for Toney to over commit to a punch then shoot the takedown. The fight will be over then. Toney is not seasoned enough in grappling to be any type of comp for a man of Couture's stature.

I guess he has a puncher's chance.

He'll still be funny after he loses.