"bock bock bock bock"

Imagine for a second a BJJ/Vale Tudo legend implying you are a chicken while your are competing in the most prestigious grappling event on earth. How would that make you feel? Well Otavio Sousa had to go through that during the last ADCC.

9:43 (you can hear Rickson complaining...then the chicken noises...then the crowd laughs)

- Kron Gracie vs Otavio Souza

I will not even mention the blatant slap at around 5:55 (whoops, I just did...you can shove in a grappling match right?). I know Kron is training for MMA, but cmon man.

Otavio knows (like everyone else) that Kron has a great guillotine.

Otavio kept his wits and remained calm during the entire match and tried to score a tack down which resulted with him being guillotined. Although he lost, you have to respect Otavio being calm under pressure...which is a tenent of BJJ right?