MMA Guerilla Journalism

This weekend was full of surprises. My job informed me I have too much vacation time and is forcing me to take a week off. Awesome. Oh, and then a friend tells me he has an extra ticket to the UFC fight in Nashville. Double awesome. Then my friend offers to pay for me to drink so long as I keep up with him. Sometimes being part Irish rocks I guess? Long story short, Forced to take payed time off while being given a free ticket to a UFC event with a friend who wants me to be drunk. Something worth noting about me(and most Irish for that matter) is that I enjoy harmless shenanigans when I become inebriated. If you've stayed with me so far reading this textbook of a blog post, give yourself a high five, because you're going to get to see something no one else has on video. Yes, that is right, OC no one else has yet on first(hope this is ok T, if not pull it.) So, without further type-rambling, I present to you an interview conducted by myself(did I mention the part about being inebriated?) with Melvin Guillard after his loss.



Thanks alot man!

Melvin has good striking. He needs to be doing strictly jits for a few years and he will be a contender. He needs to be better versed in recognizing sub set ups and escaping them. He really just needs to hit up this site once a day :)