Taking time off for a while

So monday afternoon on my way home from work I got sideswiped, drove into a lamp post and rolled my car a few times. Needless to say I'll be out for a while. My cell phone was also broke in the accident so I lost all my numbers or I would have called instead of writing here. But as soon as I'm 100%(or maybe even 75%) and I get a new ride, I'll be back in the gym. If you guys could tell Harry, Mike, Joe, whoever I would appreciate it. This is a photo of my car after the accident:http://i.imgur.com/nAxoz.jpg

So until I'm all fixed up and get a new ride, I'm just gonna blast this site with all of my free time. See you guys soon

Chris Ray Woods


Dang man

Are you at home? Glad you are ok.

Heal up - I will try to keep the content as entertaining as possible.

I will also inform everyone.