Dean Lister Wins ADCC!?!

(I bet this vid will not last)

Who would have guessed that one? He heel hooked his way to first place in his division. He also won in 2003.

Of course Galvao was gonna win his division - but he also won the absolute! Props are due.

Cobrinha cannot seem to get past Mendes.

Should I even mention that Marcelo also won his division? He submitted Leo Vieira in the final match. Someone please youtube that one!

Here are the results:


66kg: Rafael Mendes
77kg: Marcelinho Garcia
88kg: André Galvão
99kg: Dean Lister
+99kg: Vinny Pezão
Absoluto: André Galvão


-60kg: Kyra Gracie
+60kg: Gabi Garcia


Bráulio Estima defeated Ronaldo Jacaré


Zá Mário defeated Renzo Gracie


So it looks like a rematch with Estima and Galvao in 2013.

Still though, Congrats Dean. You pulled off an upset. Maybe your opponents would have done better if they watched this: