Metamoris 4 Trailer

I doubt Chael will last a minute...unless he does a Schaub of course...


"Chael is no fool on the ground"

Galvao is selling the match...

of course he will get the W for Brazil!

"He was too harsh," Galvao said. "No respect at all."

"I’m Brazilian and I will always be. No matter what he says or said about our country, it won’t affect me. My motivation is the same. I must stay calm and focused on the fight. I learned to respect other people and their culture. If he thinks he can talk about our country, it’s his problem. He’s the one who loses with it."

Can the NSAC attempt to regulate grappling matches?

"Multiple sources confirm NSAC has threatened to fine Sonnen $250,000 per failed drug test violation if he competes at Metamoris," tweeted Jeremy Botter. "Sonnen camp's contention is that grappling is not fighting and suspension shouldn't cover it. Sonnen has hired Vegas lawyer Ross Goodman to represent him in the case."


"There is no dispute that the NSAC has no jurisdiction or authority to regulate, license or sanction jiu-jitsu and other forms of grappling. Moreover, jiu-jitsu does not fall within the Nevada definition of unarmed combat because it does not involve ‘blows’ of any kind. Likewise, it would be a violation of due process to expand the interpretation of ‘fighting’ broader than the statutory definition of unarmed combat. In our view, there could be no violation under NRS 467.885 as any interpretation to include jiu-jitsu or grappling would be outside of the NSAC’s jurisdiction and constitute an invalid order."

Will Chael chicken out? Do a Schaub?