Vitor Belfort's wife???????

For some strange reason, the top search query for this site is "Vitor Belfort's wife". Do not ask me why. So, for those looking, start with the following link.

This site is meant for the sharing of grappling, wrestling, sambo, (etc) info. There is a world of naked women to be found elsewhere on the net. This is not the place for that.


Gracie Breakdown of UFC 126

These guys give a pretty technical summary of the Rocha and Jones fights. I could not see the hand placement of Jones' guillotine so this video is really appreciated.

Also, Rocha is the man to watch out for. He lost based on those takedowns and the end of rounds 2 and 3. His opponent would only shoot in when he know there was not enough time to mount an effective grappling offense. All of Rocha's fights before this one was won via first round submission.


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