Will Koscheck Ever Have A Black Belt?

Years ago, I was training in a traditional jiu jitsu class back in Metairie Louisiana. The best guy in the class had a brown belt. I mean, his skill level easily surpassed that of the black belts.

I distinctly remember rolling with him and getting put in a bad position. I tapped. He cranked the move harder. I tapped harder. He eventually let go.

He had a serious attitude problem that was known by other members of the class and the instructor. His attitude kept him from getting his belt. This is a good thing.

I recently watched one of the build up shows to UFC 124. Of course GSP's persona grows on me the more I look behind the scenes of his life. He was a poor dude at one time, like me. He likes hip hop, like me. He is a geek, like me (I think). I feel he is not putting on an act. I think the way he comes off on TV is really the way he is.

I thought the opposite of Koscheck. I thought he was trying to play the heel to help promote fights. I was wrong. This dude is actually an asshole in real life. People from his past even verified this over and over again during the interview segments.

Dave Camarillo (his BJJ coach) is from a respectable traditional Judo background. I predict that there is no way in HALE (spelled wrong to promote emphasis) he will give Koscheck a black belt even if his skills matched that of Rickson himself. This is a good thing.

The reason I grapple (igrapple) is because of what Royce did to Dan Severn via a triangle choke in one of the early UFCs. The effectiveness of traditional martial arts was forced to be re-evaluated because of the rise of MMA. Many people throw the tradition out the window with the impractical techniques. Some traditional things (bowing, calling people master, etc.) may be too much. But teaching someone how to effectively hurt someone else when that someone has a horrible outlook on life is a bad thing. I fear MMA is going in that direction. This is a bad thing.

Koscheck's attitude will not be adjusted even after Georges beats him down a second time. He may not even desire a black belt. Martial arts reflects life. The hardships you must endure to eventually master a technique symbolizes the struggle we all go through daily in an attempt to master ourselves. Kos has some things in his past that he has to deal with. Until he does, he will remain a prick. And Dave, in good conscious, will not be able to put a black belt around his waist.