I was just curious how many of you do or have cut weight in the past, and if so, how much weight?

I currently weigh 168 and am thinking of trying to make 155. The tournament I want to make 155 for is 3 months out... so If I can get to 162-164 range... should I be able to cut the rest?

I found a cool article on grapplearts.com:

I am thinking of doing a test run for the March 31 NAGA in Nashville. I just wanted to hear some of the other grapplers' experience with weight cutting.




I know nothing about weight cutting but I need to learn.

i walk 155ish, but diet and

i walk 155ish, but diet and exercise... im pretty fit at 142-145. then i just dont eat after 3pm stop drinking water at 6pm the day before. Then half a diet coke/coffee in the morning to get the juices flowing... and i go to sauneate, like 2-3 hours before weight in. when i walk in im 139-141, when i walk out im 135. its not that hard, i could make less.

recovery immediately after official scale verification is usually pedialyte/water mix, and subway sub of choice.