Using Too Much Strength

Recently my finger was popped out of socket from an explosive defense of a kimura grip that I stubbornly held on to. I think I stubbornly held onto it because I did not want to feel the pain of having other injuries inadvertently exploited during the roll. I think everyone rolls while injured after a certain period of time.


Now I am sidelined while my finger heals (and hopefully everything else will heal too). I keep replaying the injury in my mind thinking of what I could have done to avoid it. I think I am going to start focus on using less strength.

- This guy decides the kimura is not worth fighting for and transitions...flashbacks are 20/20

One of my most memorable rolls was at nolabjj - no I did not meet Reilly but the head instructor, Matthias, rolled with zero strength and completely schooled me. I thought he was in one place then he was completely somewhere else. When I speak to others about the roll, I call him Legolas. No he had not quiver or Spock ears. His ninja movements can best be compared to an Elf from the Lord of the Rings. As I age, I think I need to be more like this and hopefully this will lead me to be less injury prone.