Thoughts on "Jiu Jitsu vs. The World"

My overall assessment of it is that Jigaro Kano's vision is becoming a reality.

From Wikipedia:

"Since the very beginning, I had been categorizing Judo into three parts, rentai-ho, shobu-ho, and shushin-ho. Rentai-ho refers to Judo as a physical exercise, while shobu-ho is Judo as a martial art. Shushin-ho is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue as well as the study and application of the principles of Judo in our daily lives. I therefore anticipated that practitioners would develop their bodies in an ideal manner, to be outstanding in matches, and also to improve their wisdom and virtue and make the spirit of Judo live in their daily lives. If we consider Judo first as a physical exercise, we should remember that our bodies should not be stiff, but free, quick and strong. We should be able to move properly in response to our opponent's unexpected attacks. We should also not forget to make full use of every opportunity during our practice to improve our wisdom and virtue."

Lets remember the 2 tenets of Judo
1. Maximum Efficiency
2. Mutual Welfare and Benefit.

You hear those tenets echoed throughout the entire film.

Thanks Jigaro

I also liked how Jeff Glover mentioned how current BJJ practitioners borrow from everything - wrestling, sambo etc. This is exactly what Rolls Gracie envisioned back in the day. He participated in wrestling and sambo events - as did his greatest student - Rickson.

And of course we cannot forget the joy I felt seeing DJ Rhettmatic training. Major props to that cat on the rizzeal.

And last but not least, the film attempted to answer the question of why BJJ is so addictive, as I have tried to do here from time to time. The answer is not a simple one and it differs from person to person. I did like Orlando Sanchez's take on it. He said something to the effect of it makes you feel free - like being a kid again. There is some truth in that.