The Truck

Recently I watched this video:

I was reminded of the time I was trucked over and over again during rolling. I had no idea how to get out of it and I had no idea how to do it myself so I started posting a vid on igrapple...

I even mentioned it again when I saw something similar...

But shockingly, I never try it while rolling. I am always afraid of losing a dominant position. This will soon stop and I will be getting tapped a lot. I agree with Ricky Lundell's assessment of lower body submissions.

The truck can lead to the twister or to a calf crank/slicer (some nice calf subs in the video above). So here is the man himself explaining the Truck in detail:

And here is one of Eddie Bravo's black belts explaining twister side control (leads to the truck)

And again, here is Eddie explaining it: