Strength vs. Technique - Again!

(entire match)

(Terere highlights of the above match)

According to Graciemag, Terere just celebrated a birthday a couple of days ago. So again, I will rehash my favorite topic: "Strength vs. Technique".

I think the gi really helps out the smaller guy. The multitude of handles helps in making space and keeping it. The match above is Terere vs. Pe De Pano. Terere beats a guy (via points) that is much bigger than he is and Pe De looks shocked and angry at the outcome. I guess I will have to go back and see how points are scored in tournaments to see if he has legit beef.

Pe De (Real name Márcio Cruz ) is no punk on the mats himself. He even has an MMA win over Frank Mir. Terere's win over him is a testament to the power of technique. (some people are calling it luck)