Jits Tournaments

I am trying to find some more tournaments in the area... if anyone knows of any let me know. But, I did find this great site while looking:


It lists tournaments all over the country.

I found this one on there... http://www.newbreedgear.com/, but it's pretty far. I don't care if there are dinky little local ones... I just would like to find some more, especially with kids divisions. If anyone hears of any, please share.


Jits Event Calendar

What about adding an event calendar to igrapple? We could all post tournaments and seminars to it.

I'll start ;)

10th Planet Decatur is having a Submission only tournament April 14.
10th Planet Decatur is having a Seminar with Brent Littell (a Bravo black belt) on April 7th for $50.

Another site with good events, but none coming up near us is http://www.grapplersquest.com/events