Javier Vazquez on MMA Nation: If Chad Mendes Plays Guard, It's Only a Matter ... - Bloody Elbow

This was done before the fight. The main part I think is important:

Thomas: Let me ask you: Jon Fitch said the guard was dead in MMA. Then I talked to Ryan Hall who went to Abu Dhabi. He's not a big fan of guard play either. Is the guard dead or is good guard players dead?

Vazquez: I think a lot of guys don't know how to play guard for MMA. And that's a big difference. Isn't Ryan Hall the guy that does that 50/50 guard? What is that? Is that even a guard?

Thomas: I'm not sure, you have to ask him. I don't wanna speak for him.

Vazquez: Yeah, don't get me started on that. But, to me, that's not even jiu-jitsu. I think definitely it's better to be on top. It's definitely better. Gravity's on your side. There are a lot of different way to do things from the bottom. There's a lot of tricks. If you can't do it, there's a lot of ways to get up. So, it's tough. There's no question at the highest level, at the UFC level, submitting guys from the guard is not easy. There's no question about it. But there's definitely ways to do it, and there's definitely ways you can catch yourself from the bottom. And there's definitely ways to get out.

Thomas: All right, true or false, Javier, are a lot of MMA fighters in MMA fights, are they bad at sweeping their opponents off their back?

Vazquez: Are they bad?

Thomas: In other words, because everyone says guard play is about submitting, but you never really see guys who are hardcore at attempting sweeps. Why not?

Vazquez: It's tough. It's really tough to sweep guys because the strikes are neutralizing. If you can find ways to control guys' arms- 'Cause usually the problem isn't to get them off balance with your hooks, that's not the problem. The problem is being able to hold the guys, to tie their arms in to sweep them over. That's the problem. And because of the no-gi, no rash guard, the skin-to-skin, it's very difficult. But there's way to do it. There's ways around it. But definitely sweeping guys is very tough. It's just easier to just get up than it is to sweep them.


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Javier Vazquez on MMA Nation: If Chad Mendes Plays Guard, It&;s Only a Matter ... - Bloody Elbow - Javier Vazquez on MMA Nation: If Chad Mendes Plays Guard, It&;s Only a Matter ...Bloody ElbowAre you still with Millenia Jiu-Jitsu? What is your affiliation situation? Vazquez: I haven&;t been with Millenia for over a year now. ...and more » [Google BJJ News]