Indian Death Lock

You asked in an earlier post if I thought this could be pulled off. They are showing the timing of it here. Also, in the following video they show how to break the lockdown using the Buttock Compressor.

I think the same technique for breaking their grip and posture control could be used... (Forearm on the neck then swim the other arm through @ 2:18) only instead of grabbing below the ass and sprawling back out and put hands on their knees to press down.

I am going to tap somebody with the Indian Death Lock sometime this week!


I take it back...

Okay... So Tavares and I stepped through this tonight and it just didn't seem to cause enough discomfort to make a person tap. Maybe we are doing it wrong, but I don't think I am going to tap someone with this now.


1st vid: maybe i cheated a little bit when u tried that. i was letting my ankle slide because i started feeling the pressure. this seems to be a move you have to do quickly to prevent that sliding. i have sensitive ankles so i try to protect them usually.

2nd vid: i actually tried this one in the tournament (against the judo guy). i guess i did it wrong. if the lockdown is lazy, then it will work...if the person has a tight lockdown, it may be difficult. again, i may have attempted it with bad technique.