I Think People Are Missing The Point.

I read what Vinny had to say about the "New BJJ". You can read it too!


But lets be honest here.

1. Royce won those first UFCs because no one understood BJJ. Is Matt Hughes better at BJJ than Royce?

2. A BJJ match is not a fight. BJJ only deals with one aspect of a fight (when it hits the ground). It does not take into consideration that street fights are often not fair. There are no rules in the streets.

3. Speaking of rules on the streets, even MMA has rules. A nice Jon Jones eye gouge wins a street fight. A well timed Golota uppercut ends a street fight. A well placed bite will end a street fight. Who is training eye gouges, groin strikes and bites in their MMA gym? What about Holyfield head butts?

ok...I am done...