Heelhook Nightmares

This dude is my Freddy Krueger. I still think heelhooks should be outlawed in grappling tournaments. I bet if there were stats for the most common tournament injury, blown out knees from heelhooks would top the charts.

I have a grappling tournament coming up. Pray for me.


The nightmares are legit...


"Yeah, I believe every submission can be uniquely dangerous when taught wrong. I have met a lot of people who are able to train heel hooks in a way that they've never been hurt and then I've met a lot of people who use it themselves training heel hooks because they have an ego, they don't tap, they don't know when they're in trouble and when they're not. Usually that comes down to bad coaching. I personally believe all submissions are dangerous, but they have to be trained the right way. If you let somebody lock in a heel hook, they'll break your knee. "