Good News!

Got this message in facebook:

"Hello Terere fans of facebook. Thank you for joining this group. It is with great pleasure to say that Terere received the treatment he needed and is now back in the hands of his family. Most recently, he has begun to attend/teach some classes of jiu-jitsu as well as attend some local jiu-jitsu competition (pictures now posted) Terere has also expressed interest in rejoining his original team of Alliance and hopes to be under the watchful eye of Fabio Gurgel."


from sherdog - about 1 month old

(this is actually from tatame)

"Fernando Tererê always was synonymous with happiness on the mats. By fighting the way he did Tererê won over many fans and inspired some fighters of the next generation like Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri. Admired by all, those who were very close to him knew that he was ready to give up his own bed and sleep on the floor. On Cantagalo hill where he was born and raised, he received many friends like Ronaldo Jacaré, and in his social project he helped get many young people off drugs. In São Paulo, where he set up the TT Jiu-Jitsu academy with Eduardo Telles, the black-belt cut and formed champions like André Galvão and Rubens Charles "Cobrinha".

Two-time world champion and considered one of the biggest names in the history of Jiu-Jitsu, Tererê hadn't fought since the trauma in 2004, when he remained under arrest in a United States prison for two months for having a misunderstanding with members of a flight crew that came to Brazil. "After this airplane episode, a lot of friends turned their backs, I lost a lot of contacts and a lot of people that used to help me wouldn't anymore. I lost a lot of money and from then on my floor caved in and I started using drugs", Tererê reveals, in a phone conversation this afternoon, where he spoke for the first time about his drug problem.

In the interview, Tererê revealed that he began to use marijuana yet in 2004 and later moved on to crack. "This isn't the way anyone should live, especially an athlete like I was. I went through really bad times. I reached the point of sleeping on the streets and not going home for days at a time. But now things are easier, because I want to kick the vice. Before I didn't want to quit crack, but today I want to give it up and this makes the treatment easier. I'm not gonna lie that I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, because sometimes I crave using drugs and the cigarettes help. But this doesn't make me better and I want to quit".

After four months in a clinic for chemical dependents, in São Paulo, Tererê is only thinking about going home. "I ended up getting out of the clinic. This time that I spent in the clinic was very tough, but I respected the law and followed the treatment. Now I want to get back home and be with my family. That's where my inner peace is at", said the black-belt, already thinking about training and making plans to return to competition. "Now I'm at my cousin Leu's (Leandro Martins) house in São Paulo. He's really encouraging me. I want to start training again and if I get the opportunity, I want to start competing again. For the time being I don't have a professor, but as soon as someone wants to train me I'll start again", he affirms.

Without having seen the Jiu-Jitsu championships since the incident in 2004, Tererê doesn't know the new generation of fighters, but when he found out that many young athletes look up to and take after him, he appeared to be very happy. "For real? I'm so glad to hear that. It's great that people remember the good things I did for the sport". In the period that he was hospitalized, Tererê received a lot of support from names such as Kyra Gracie, Marcelinho Garcia, Rômulo Barral, Lucas Lepri, Michael Langhi and from his faithful friend, Elan Santiago, just to name a few. Once he heard through the conversation some of the names that helped him, Tererê insisted on thanking them. "They are my friends and I am happy for them helping me. I hope to be able to give back one day. Thank you", he finished. "


Cocaine is hard to kick - at least that is what I hear. I wish him the best. I hope he can make it to the states sometime soon.