"Flow With The Go"

I would call myself a Rickson fan. But I had never seen this before. I heard about it but the price was too overwhelming for me to buy it. Recently on Twitter, Rakaa mentioned it so I decided to watch it without buying it.

Of course, Rickson is the star of the show. I saw much of the footage on youtube previously. But the real hero of "Choke" is Yuki Nakai.

He was intentionally eye gouged by Gerard Gordeau (the same person that apparently bit Royce's ear during UFC 1) and continued to fight valiantly in the tournament only losing to Rickson in the final. Later, he finds out that he is blinded permanently in that eye.

So thanks Rakaa for convincing me to finally watch it.

And everyone that is reading this, go buy a Dilated Peoples album and support rappers that grapple.

RIP Guru