I hate to give this guy more youtube views...

There seems to be a backlash against grapplers. The UFC has proven what works in an unarmed, 1 on 1 combat situation with no biting, eye gouging or groin strikes (the rear naked choke neutralizes all of these but that is another post). Traditional martial artist were then forced to give their style a reality check. Some people, like the guy in the video, seem to not want to evolve when new and better information comes to light.

His vulgar rant is riddled with ignorance.

First off: http://igrapple.org/blog/mitsuyo-maeda-the-origin-of-bjj

Secondly, BJJ guys have gone against all other practitioners - UFC 1

Royce even went against respected Kung Fu guy, Jason Delucia in UFC 2.

Royce fought him before the UFCs also...

Practice whatever style of martial arts you like...just be practical and realistic about it.