Chael's Mouth

I am starting to dislike this guy.

I gave him some exposure before:

I am all for hyping a fight. This dude takes it too far though.


“When you get him down you’re not out of the woods yet. But he has a black belt from the Nogueira brothers, which is like getting a toy in your happy meal if you ask me. One of them is a punching bag and the other is really just irrelevant.”

“When the music hits and I make the walk to the ring it’s pure focus at that point because I come from a real sport — wrestling. You take me to the Olympic Village and show me the centre of Muay Thai.

“What is Muay Thai anyway? We know what Thai is, it’s short for Thailand. But what is this “Muay” word? So what, he’s good at Muay Thai? It’s like the Crackerjack award he’s got from the Nogueira brothers.

“I am outing the guy. He’s a fraud. He likes to get in the ring and bow — if you bow to him he’ll hit you over your head and take your wallet. I’m the same way, though. I’ll smile at him, and when he turns his back I’ll stick a knife in it. “


I remember when he cried when Filho had his arm

Where was his wrestling when he was whimpering in pain?

Now he is making himself look really bad. He is attempting to get in Anderson's head. The problem is, it is too obvious. Maybe he gets a percentage of the pay-per-view buys and this is his way of driving up the numbers. After the bout with Anderson, people will remember his disrespectful comments. I don't think honor, respect and integrity can be bought.