BJJ Hatred Ahead of UFC 146

Of course Dave Herman is a person in desperate need of a submission loss. We are depending on you Roy Nelson. I remember when Herman first spoke those words in the prefight hype of his fight with Einemo.

And apparently Dave is still talking...

from :

"I mean even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, but Jiu-Jitsu is pretty much a waste of time. However, if I were to teach self defense to a girl I would teach her Jiu-Jitsu because jits is pretty much how a smaller/weaker person might be able to trick you into losing. So for self defense for girls I think it’s great."

Was it a trick when you won via omoplata Dave?

Roy is a black belt under Renzo and you know that belt was hard earned. He used to be active in the tournament circuit. We just might get a sub in this fight.

Then recently we have Lavar Johnson saying "Let's save the jiu-jitsu for the jiu-jitsu tournaments, I say. The UFC is for fights. So let's fight".


Lavar seems to be a cool person. Like Melvin Guillard (who is tragically easy to choke it seems), he just refuses to train jits for some reason. I mean Pat Barry almost caught him in a keylock his last fight. Why not be a kickboxer if you want to purely strike? MIXED martial arts is the name of the game...

So, as I said, Barry almost subbed Lavar with a keylock...and Barry lost to Struve via submission...Struve and Nelson need to win by sub to shut the haters down.