BJJ and YouTube

Recently I read this article:

It makes some valid points. You can actually learn without being in a dojo. You can study matches and get pointers alone while injured or while unable to train. This is all good.

But then I saw this video:

I am hoping this is really a joke vid. The guy does seem to be trying to hold in a laugh. But some people may actually not understand it is a joke.

I have seen countless youtube vids that I think are straight up bullshit.

I try to only post things on here that I think are legit. But a layman may not be able to sift through the bs so easily.

I guess all I am saying is peep the ratings and read the comments when you watch something. The link above has a high disapproval rating so that is a red flag to not take it so seriously. The comments verify the redness of the flag :)

And by all means, comment and rate content on here also. Peep the stars at the bottom and drop a line if you want.

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