Belfort hunting the “Spider”: “If my hand lands, he won’t keep his feet”

Belfort hunting the “Spider”: “If my hand lands, he won’t keep his feet” -

Vitor stares down Anderson in UFC Abu Dhabi promotional photo.
Vitor Belfort will see action against Yushin Okami on November 13 in Germany. However, in an interview on the “UFC Sem Limites” program on Brazil’s RedeTV! television network, Vitor again demonstrated his desire to face current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.
“He knows that if my hand lands, he won’t keep his feet,” he challenged.
Nor did the “Spider’s” late submission win over Chael Sonnen impress him.
“I know his game through and through; I know all his Jiu-Jitsu.”
The fighters, who didn’t end up facing off at the April UFC 112 event due to Belfort suffering a shoulder injury, have trained together in the past. These days the two don’t get along, mainly due to the fact Vitor accepted a matchup with his former teammate, which irked Anderson. The “Phenom”, however, is against this line of thinking.
“This business of so-and-so can’t face so-and-so has to stop.”
And lastly, Belfort pleads for greater MMA coverage in the Brazilian media.
Check out what the fighter had to say (in Portuguese) in the video below:

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You have to ask yourself how did Vitor hurt his shoulder?
I am guessing he was caught in a kimura. I have been wrong before. Since Anderson is not fighting again until 2011, and because Chael is in line first...we will have to wait for this fight.