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I was just curious how many of you do or have cut weight in the past, and if so, how much weight?

I currently weigh 168 and am thinking of trying to make 155. The tournament I want to make 155 for is 3 months out... so If I can get to 162-164 range... should I be able to cut the rest?

I found a cool article on grapplearts.com:

Indian Death Lock

You asked in an earlier post if I thought this could be pulled off. They are showing the timing of it here. Also, in the following video they show how to break the lockdown using the Buttock Compressor.

I think the same technique for breaking their grip and posture control could be used... (Forearm on the neck then swim the other arm through @ 2:18) only instead of grabbing below the ass and sprawling back out and put hands on their knees to press down.


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