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Rear Mount

Somebody showed me a cool submission from the rear mount tonight at the gym, and I wanted to find it to share with you all... but after more than an hour scouring the web... I still haven't found it (I will ask the guy later what it's called and tryy to share it). I did, however, find 2 other interesting moves...

One is a submission from rear mount:

Jits Tournaments

I am trying to find some more tournaments in the area... if anyone knows of any let me know. But, I did find this great site while looking:


It lists tournaments all over the country.

I found this one on there... http://www.newbreedgear.com/, but it's pretty far. I don't care if there are dinky little local ones... I just would like to find some more, especially with kids divisions. If anyone hears of any, please share.


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