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This weekend was full of surprises. My job informed me I have too much vacation time and is forcing me to take a week off. Awesome. Oh, and then a friend tells me he has an extra ticket to the UFC fight in Nashville. Double awesome. Then my friend offers to pay for me to drink so long as I keep up with him. Sometimes being part Irish rocks I guess? Long story short, Forced to take payed time off while being given a free ticket to a UFC event with a friend who wants me to be drunk.

Sambo leg locks from Japan?

I'm not afraid to admit my knowledge of grappling(or any martial art for that matter) is probably lacking more than I'd like to think. I'm also not afraid to admit that one area I fall short in is leg locks. I do not know anything about them other than to tap if I get caught in one and not to try to roll out of one unless you know what you're doing, which I don't. And it's videos like this that show me how much more I have to learn.

Taking time off for a while

So monday afternoon on my way home from work I got sideswiped, drove into a lamp post and rolled my car a few times. Needless to say I'll be out for a while. My cell phone was also broke in the accident so I lost all my numbers or I would have called instead of writing here. But as soon as I'm 100%(or maybe even 75%) and I get a new ride, I'll be back in the gym. If you guys could tell Harry, Mike, Joe, whoever I would appreciate it. This is a photo of my car after the accident:

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