Sambo Seminar Lewistown,Ohio Feat: Carlos Cummings

TFG MMA Academy is Hosting a Sambo Grappling Seminar September 3,4,5,2010
Feat: Carlos Cummings owner of Cummings Combat Sambo MMA Academy on
Panama City,Beach,Florida
and also apart of ( TAS) Team American Sambo under Head Coach SamboSteve from (NYCS) New York Combat Sambo

Contact: Jon Rotroff-937-633-0140
for more information.

Address: 8144 County RD.54
Lewistown,Ohio, 43333

Cost: $55.00 For Friday and Saturday and Sunday!
Seminar- Friday-10am-2pm & 5pm-8pm Saturday 10am-2pm
And Sunday 9am-12noon

Basket Brawl

Recently, I went up to Nashville for a Sambo seminar put on by this guy:

He displayed many evil evil things to do to BJJ people who are not accustomed to leg locks.

But the thing I think I will remember most is Basket Brawl. He prefaced the game with a warning of bruises and black eyes. Of course, I was inherently hesitant to even play. But once we started playing I did not want to stop.

One of the episodes of Human Weapon talked about it.


Penn & Teller - Martial Arts

I watch Penn and Teller from time to time. I find some of their stuff entertaining. I even find some of it interesting. The episode on martial arts now has me re-evaluating my stance on the show.

These guys are based in Vegas and they are trying to point out that martial arts are Bullshit. So why did they avoid all of the MMA schools in the area? Couture, Drysdale and Laimon have grappling classes in their backyard but there is no footage of any of these schools on the show. They alluded to "The Karate Kid" multiple times so they should have at least paid Laimon's school a visit.


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