#ADCC2015 Updates Day 2

Back again for more updates...stay tuned.

Also, if you don't already know, Budo Videos is streaming the event on their site.


Nicolinni wins 2-0
Anna Laura wins 3-0

Bea vs. MacKenzie coming up
Also Orlando Sanchez vs. Vinny


Gabi Garcia loses to Jessica...crowd goes wild


MacKenzie beats Bea 2-0
Orlando beats Vinny...crowd boos


#ADCC2015 Updates

I will be posting results as they happen as much as I can :)


First match won via guillotine - both competitors paralyzed from the waist down,


Vinny wins first match via heel hook
Dean Lister wins via inverted armbar


Cavaca wins by decision. His opponent was tough...knee was banged up and fought out of some vicious knee attacks.



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